About me:
Hello there, I’m Maryam Vahidzadeh, also known as Marmar—a creative force merging the realms of art direction, makeup artistry, and acting. Since 2010, I’ve embarked on a dynamic career journey, starting as a makeup artist contributing to mesmerizing music videos and commercial productions. Beyond that, I’ve ventured into theatre and cinema, embodying various roles as an actress. My dedication to storytelling and visual aesthetics drives my passion for crafting engaging narratives, both on and off the screen. Step into my world of artistic exploration!

In my makeup portfolio, I showcase a myriad of vibrant and imaginative designs that reflect my passion for crafting unique and colorful styles. Infused with creativity, my designs are a canvas where I blend shades, textures, and artistic techniques to bring forth captivating looks. Leveraging my acting skills, I breathe life into these designs by leaving impactful impressions on faces that I meticulously make up. Each stroke of color, every contour, and carefully chosen detail embodies my dedication to merging artistic expression with makeup artistry, resulting in visually striking and unforgettable transformations.